Configuring the Automatic Logout period for the Internet Edition

Version 5




    Configuring the automatic logout period


    If analysts or users who are logged in to Internet Edition close the browser without logging out, then their login record is not removed from the Login Table. This can result in you running out of licences. To prevent this, HelpDesk Monitor removes these logins automatically after an hour. You can configure this automatic logout period using Windows Registry settings:


    Registry folderName Value
    ...Touchpaper Software\Helpdesk internet editiOPT_LogoutPeriodThe number of minutes that Internet Edition leaves inactive logins in the login table
    ...Touchpaper Software\HelpDesk\Monitor     Superoperator Disconnect1
    ...Touchpaper Software\HelpDesk\MonitorInvalid Login AgeThe number of minutes that an analyst can remain inactive before Monitor considers the login to be inactive.



    The login record will be removed from the Login table after the sum of the values of the OPT_LogoutPeriod and the Invalid Login Age registry settings, provided the Monitor Superoperator Disconnect registry setting is also enabled (set to 1).


    Restart monitor after the entries have been added.   


    (Extract taken from the InternetEditionAdministrator.pdf manual).