Support of SQL Server 20xx SP x version

Version 1


    Is MS SQL Server 20xx  SPxx supported with ITSM / HEAT xxx?



    Global Support Services supports all 3rd party software that is the same or newer than our certified versions as listed in the release notes or the install guide, unless that vendor has explicitly noted that it is not backward compatible or Global Support Services has explicitly noted it is not compatible.

    Global Support Services relies on 3rd parties to ensure their software continues to be backward compatible and don't use deprecated functionality. It is rare that a 3rd party like MS SQL Server will drop a functionality without deprecating it for several releases.
    (It does happen, so that is when Global Support Services will explicitly note that the version is not supported).

    In the rare case that a new issues occurs due to the upgrade Global Support Services will follow the normal process of investigating the issue with the reported release and with the latest release. This means, that if an issue is not occurring in a newer release then Technical Support will ask the customer to upgrade to this latest release.

    In case that the issue is still reproducible in the latest release then Technical Support will forward the issue to Development following the normal process for any other product issue.

    Technical Support therefore recommends strongly that customers do a thorough testing on a separate system before doing the upgrade on a production system and doing all needed backups to revert in case the upgrade fails.

    Please refer also to the release notes of all releases which have been shipped later than the version used in order to verify that no known reported issues exist.