IPCM Services Startup and Stop Procedures

Version 1


    When the IPCM server experiences an unscheduled restart for example a power event, Blue Screen or hardware fault, etc..   the Services may not always start in a proper and orderly fashion. If this occurs then the Licensing of the modules may not be completed properly. This could cause several types of errors as well as poor system performance and behavior:


    • Agents may be able to login, but calls may not flow properly to skilled agents.
    • Status may not display or behave properly i.e. calls won’t release, transfers fail, ended call will not reset status.
    • Call statistics are displayed properly. 
    • Queues cannot be viewed or displayed at all.
    • Management Console will not display the status or connect to the IPCM server.
    • Other annoyances may also occur.  






    If you cannot access the IPCM services from Management Console, Microsoft Services Console will be the alternative location to manage the services.

    Stop the services and restart them in the order outlined below. 

    NOTE: The License server must be the last service when shutting down, and first when starting up.


    Shutting down IPCM services,

    In the event you need to stop IPCM services, the Management console is a better, easier way to stop the services. Otherwise you will need to access the Microsoft Services console

    1. Starting with Contact Center Server, right click and Stop Application,

    2. Next stop the Sip Server, 

    3. Next stop the Voice Server,

    4. Continue with the rest of the services, Leaving License Server for last.


    Starting IPCM services

    Once the services are all stopped, Wait 20 – 30 seconds.

    1. Start the License Server first, select the service, and right click select Start Application,

    2. Start the Contact server, 

    3. Start the SIP server, 

    4. Start the Voice Sever,

    5. Next start the rest of the services.


    The Management Console will start displaying information almost immediately; the Contact Center will display agent information and status information.

    Agents will have Queue information and call behavior will return to normal