IPCM server is Stuck in a Reboot loop in a virtual environment on Windows Server 2012

Version 1


    You have an IPCM Server in a VM on Windows Server 2012. You have rebooted the server and are stuck in a loop with some or all of the following symptoms:

      a. Connections from Heat to IPCM will not restore to Heat or agents
      b. The rebooted Virtual Machine server will not restore a stable connection between IPCM & Heat.
      c. The connection has dropped and re-connected numerous times.
      d. Logging into the console of the server reveals that the VM is rebooting and does not stay logged on. 
      e. A soft reboot of the host machine does not stop the VM from rebooting.




    If a Virtual machine on server 2012 enters into a reboot loop a “hard boot” is  the only way to resolve and reconnect to the HEAT Database. You must boot the physical VM host server.