How can one omit other users/roles as part of the survey process?

Version 1


    Customer would like to send surverys only to those that called in via IPCM (Source = Phone). Anyone belonging to a handful of Roles,who log in to create their own tickets, should not get a survey and customer would like to default the source to User Initiated for those roles. The Survey is set to send based on Source = Phone. How can he accomplish this?


    In Configure Application, select the Incident Business Object Click on Layouts For the IncidentDetails.ServiceDesk layout, click on Copy Layout When the pop up displays, select Copy Form and Copy Grid and give layout new name After the layout is created, click on Business Rules Select the New IncidentDetails form created during the copy process Select the "Do Not Show any Object-Wide Rules..." Add a new Initialization rule by clicking on "Add Form-Level Initialization Rule" Select the Source Field In the Expression, enter "User Created" or whatever choice you have defined for this role Save Click on Users and Permissions Click on Roles and Permissions Open the Role whose Incidents should use Source = User Created Click on Top Level Tabs Click on Incident In the Layout drop down, select the new Layout created from the Copy function Save Repeat for any other Roles Test with new Role