How to modify Risk Level fields

Version 1


    How to modify Risk Level Questions, Answers and Range



    1. Log in as Change Manager Role
    2. Click on More...
    3. Select the Risk Calculator Business Object
    4. Click on "Add Question"
    5. Type in a Question by clicking in the Question column and assign a points value
    6. Click on the newly added row 
    7. Click on "Add Answer"
    8. Type in your answer in the Answer Column and assign a Weight
    9. Repeat for additional Answers
    10. Repeat for additional Questions
    11. Modify your Ranges by clicking in the Low, Medium and High fields (Total Points will calculate automatically)
    12. Save changes
    13. Refresh browser
    14. Select Change workspace
    15. Select any record
    16. Click on the Risk Level
    All questions/answers display