After adding a new CI Type, there are no relationships available when setting up the CI Map

Version 1


    After adding a new CI Type, adding the name of the Type to the CIBOName picklist, and then setting up relationships in the CI Named Rel Constraints workspace, There are no relationships available when attempting to set up the CI Map for a CI record of that Type.



    When the Type is added to the CIBONamepicklist, the value must be the actual name of the CI object extension, and not the Display Name of the new CI.   For example, if you created the extension object CI.Laptop, but gave it a display name of Notebooks, the value in the picklist needs to be Laptop. The Display Name will be accepted when setting up constraints, but the relationships will not be valid for the CI Map.   This also can affect renamed CI Types, if you change the name in the CIBOName picklist; for example if you gave the CI.SAN extension the display name Storage, the picklist value should be left as SAN.