How to use "Highlighter Styles" to make rows in a grid stand out based on a criteria.

Version 1


    It is sometimes desirable to highlight a grid with custom styles to make Business Objects with specific criteria stand out.

    For example, color code Incidents based on Status.




    In this example we will highlight Incidents based on their Priority.

    Part 1 Create the Styles to be used:
    1. Open the Administrator 
    2. Select Build >> User Interface Styles >> Highlighter Styles
    3. Add the new styles that you will be using. 
         (note that you can use the "Default" Style for priorities you do not wish to highlight)
         In this case I created styles for IncidentP1, P2, P3, P4, and P5 (priorities 1--5)
         Here is an example for IncidentP1 (utilize different color schemes for different priorities)

    4. save the newly created Highlighter Styles

    Part 2 - Edit the Incident Grid:
    1. Open the Administrator
    2. Go to Business Objects >> Incident >> Grids >> Incident (this is the grid used for this example
    3. Go to List properties
    4. Select Style >> Expression
        Here is an example:

    5. Save the Expression and submit the List Properties.
    6. Refresh your client and observe the Incident Grid.