POP Email listener stopped working - Error in email log ...  GeneralError; message Error receiving data.

Version 1



    1. The POP email listener that had been working without issue stopped working.
    2. The incoming email log contained the following error message:
    mailbox.com|MailboxProtocolAdapter.mainLoop: Result code from fetching messages for the mailbox [email protected]
    was GeneralError; message Error receiving data. 
    3. The account and password used to access the mailbox were correct and verified using Telnet.




    1. The mail Administrator determined that the pop email mailbox was corrupted.
    2. A new mailbox was created.
    3. Tested the email listener with the new mailbox to verify correct operation.
    4. Exported the contents of the corrupted mailbox and imported to the new mailbox.
    5. The mail Administrator  set up a forwarding rule to assure that mail received in the old mailbox was relayed to the new mailbox.
    6. The HEAT Administrator corrected the Global constants as needed to update to the new mail address