GoldMine crashes for one user regardless of the workstation that the user logs into. This happens after about 30 seconds to a minute.

Version 2


    - Starting recently for one user regardless of the workstation the user logs in to, GoldMine crashes with the general "Program has stopped working" Windows frosted screen. 
    - This happens about 30 seconds to a minute after the user logs into GoldMine.
    - The user is also set to auto-retrieve emails.


    Once a user logs into GoldMine and the user is set to auto-retrieve emails the retrieval process kicks in within the first minute after GoldMine is started. Although such a behavior may have also other causes the most likely reason is that GoldMine crashes while trying to download an email upon the auto-retrieval process.


    1. Logged into Web Access of the email account (For example. logging into the email account by Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox etc.)

    2. Archived all emails that have not been downloaded into GoldMine from the email server that had a time before the crashing started happening.
    The underlying cause in this case was either GoldMine could not decode or a corrupted header, attachment, or body of an email that GoldMine was trying to download from the email server.
    There are email headers and bodies  that GoldMine cannot decode.  If this becomes a frequent issue, please consider using GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook email client has the ability to decode more types of headers and bodies than the GoldMine email client.  Outlook can also handle decryption errors better than the GoldMine email client. The reason for this is that Outlook's primary function is an email client whereas the Goldmine email client is a small part of the overall GoldMine product.
    NOTE: If this does not fix the issue or if the behavior is different in that GoldMine crashes when looking at an email already downloaded or viewing the email in the GoldMine Pending or History tabs, please see Knowledge article DOC-52505.