IPCM Integrations: How to disable and enable the integrations for IPCM

Version 1


    The process to terminate or initiate the integration connection for IPCM with the software products it integrates. The integration may require a client installation of the software it integrates with.



    1. Logon to the management portal.
    2. Click on the System Configuration icon.
    3. Click on the Integrations link under the Contact Center Server options on the left.
    4. In the center of the screen un-check the box labeled Enable and click the Update button.
    5. Click the Commit Changes button.
    6. Check the Enable check box and click the Update button.
    7. Click the Commit Changes button.
    Note:  Based on the type of integration for the software in use, one can open  the task manager and check for the liasion running under the  processes  tab. For example the liason executable for HEAT is HEATLiasion.exe. When  disabling the integration this process should end. When enabling it  should restart. This is initiated when the enable/disable is written by  clicking the Commit Changes button.