How to change the text shown in the Loading... progress bar

Version 1



    When HEAT Cloud is performing an action in the UI that makes the end user wait, a progress bar is displayed. This dialog has two lines of text and a graphical action sequence. 

    This article shows how you can change the text in the first line. 




    The text in the first line is the Application Display Name. To change this: 

    - Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role

    - Go to Configure Application 

    - Go to Global Constants

    - Find the Global Constant "ApplicationDisplayName"; if it does not exist, click Add to create it

    - Set the Name to "ApplicationDisplayName"

    - Set the Value to your desired text

    - Set the Type to Text

    - Optionally, add a description 

    - Click Save

    By default if no Global Constant is found, the Tenant ID is displayed. 

    After setting the Global Constant, this value is used instead.