What is the most efficient way to browse through the resulting contact records after searching for example on company "XYZ" in the Contact Search Center in GoldMine?

Version 1


    When searching records there must be a quick way to search for example by company and view only records that have "XYZ" as the company name or part of the company name.  There is not a need to create a filter or group for example when a user wants to just quickly search in the GoldMine database and view only the records where company has "XYZ" in the name or records in the state Colorado or a specific city name.


    1. Double click on the field label for "Company".
    2. In the Contact Search center search by company begins with/contains, etc >>> XYZ.
    3. Once the results are returned, right click a result and select > "Tag All"
    4. Double click one of the tagged records.
    5. Now in the upper right corner GoldMine will show 1 of X where X was the number of records with company XYZ.

    NOTE: This can be applied searching by any CONTACT1 or CONTACT2 field (most fields in the contact record top half of the GoldMine contact record or within the Fields tab).