How to write reports using 'GoTo > Reports > Report Scheduling' to report on user productivity?

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    - In this deployment, the Administrator does not want to write reports using GoldMine reports or the GoldMine dashboard. - The Administrator wants to report user productivity using SQL queries where the results are displayed in a readable format.


    - The Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a completely independent feature outside of GoldMine and needs to be setup and configured separately, for further information, please review also
    - The configuration within GoldMine via 'Go To > Reports > Reports scheduling' rather refers to 'subscribing' certain reports from the Reporting Services and their delivery

    1. Per the Online help > Administrator Guide > Reporting > Reporting Services Integration:

    Reporting Services Integration

    Use the Report Scheduling feature to run reports at scheduled times from within GoldMine. It works in conjunction with Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Visual Studio. These programs must be installed and operating successfully for Scheduled Reports to function. Reporting Services must be configured for E-Mail Delivery.

    NOTE: This feature only works with SQL Server Standard Edition or higher.

    From the menu bar, select Go To > Reports > Report Scheduling. If the feature has not been configured, the below message appears.

    If the feature has been configured, the Scheduled Reports dialog box appears.

    2. Alternate ways suggested to report on user productivity not using GoldMine reports or the GoldMine dashboard would be to:
    a. Create Crystal Reports based on queries to the GoldMine database.
    b. Use the SQL Query builder in GoldMine > Export the results to Excel and re-arrange the data
    (NOTE: the exported data then requires manipulation in Microsoft Excel to make more readable)
    c. Use a SQL Connection in Excel to report on user productivity data.
    d. Use a 3rd Party reporting product of which there are some very nice options. 
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