No user can edit activities in GoldMine, if the user that owns the activity is also setup as a resource.

Version 1


    GoldMine has a feature called "Company Resource" normally this is setup for checking out things like video or camera equipment or to reserve meeting rooms.    In some cases your company may have added a GoldMine user ID to the "Company Resource" feature.   When a GoldMine user ID that exactly matches a Company Resource of the same name, than any activity created for the GoldMine user ID can not be edited.


    GoldMine user ID should not be entered as a Company Resource and needs to be removed.   To update the Company Resource data use the following steps.

    1) Log in to GoldMine.
    3) Delete any resource listed that matches a end-users GoldMine login name.
    4) Click Close.

    - Once the change is made, all users will be able to edit the activity again based on the permissions assigned.