How is an opportunity template cloned from one user to another? When creating a new opportunity, a user may not have own existing opportunity template(s) that other users have to choose from. 

Version 1



    - A newly created user does not have any opportunity templates by default and therefore their drop-down selection when creating a new opportunity for templates is blank.
    - The user must select a different user or the user (public) to then select an opportunity template.

    - While to keep consistency within a GoldMine system and not to duplicate effort and adjustment when things are changed it might be desired that users do have their own opportunity templates.
    - How is an opportunity template cloned from one user to another?



    1. Login to GoldMine as any user who has access to all opportunity templates.
    2. Click the "Go To" menu > Opportunities.
    3. In the Opportunity Manager select the "Templates" button.

    4. For the Manager drop-down menu select the user who currently has the template that needs to be cloned.

    5 - Highlight the desired opportunity that needs to be cloned from the list of displayed Opportunity Templates > Right Click > select "Clone".

    6. In the Opportunity Template Properties dialogue select the user to whom the template is being cloned > Click "OK"

    7. Verify that the Opportunity template was cloned to the correct user by changing the "Manager" drop down menu to the user the template was just cloned for or by logging in as the user and viewing their opportunity templates.