How to add a field that indicates that an incident has been updated by a customer's email

Version 1


    We have a grid where we can see the incidents, but we want to be able to see in a quick look if they have been updated by a customer's email.


    Please follow these steps:

    1.- Create a field named UpdatedByCustomer in the Incident business object
    2.- Add that field as a column in the grid, or use that value for an expression to select the style of the row in the grid

    We can create a new Highlighter style

    And use this style in an expression of the Style List Properties of a grid

    3.- Create a new Quick Action in the Incident BO that updates the field to true:

    4.- In the Mailbox listener, add an Status Mapping combination that fires the QA. In this case it is fired for the Status "Waiting for Customer", but you could add all the status. Please be aware that both textbox are case sensitive.

    5.- Finally we can revert that value to false in many different ways, like adding it to the form and allowing the user to uncheck it, or firing a triggered rule that modifies that value to false, for example if the last user that modified the record was not "InternalServices" (this is the user used by the Mailbox Listener)

    $(if LastModBy != "InternalServices" then False else UpdatedByCustomer)