How to hide unused Service Request categories

Version 1


    This article explains how to hide categories for service requests that have nothing in them, for example, the out of the box category of ERP Service has no templates in it.


    It is possible to remove Categories that aren't in use, but it isn't accessible by default due to implications of the changes. You will cause errors if you delete values in use, were previously in use. Support recommends that a back-up is taken and that all changes are tested fully before being placed in production.

    The directions below include how to add a tab with the Offerings that use a Category, always test and confirm your changes, because only Offerings directly linked will be visible, for example Application Administration will show 0 Offerings, even though 2 are visible in the catalog, because they under Application Administration > Security.

    Steps to configure:
    1. Log into the Admin role
    2. Select Configure Application
    3. Select Roles and Permissions
    4. Select Admin
    5. Select Top Level Tabs
    6. Select Add New Tab
    7. Select Object Workspace
    8. Set the Name to ServiceReq Category
    9. Uncheck Initially Visible
    10. Set Object to Service Request Category
    11. Set Layout to ServiceReqCategory
    12. Click Add This Tab
    13. Save

    You can now view the ServiceReq Category workspace from the client side as the Admin role, when you click More... at the top. 

    To add the linked offerings as another level of information (please note as previously mentioned that sub-Categories aren't visible):
    1. Select Business Objects
    2. Search for ServiceReqCategory
    3. Select Layouts
    4. Select ServiceReqCategory
    5. Select formView
    6. Add a child panel
    7. Name it Offerings
    8. Set the Object to ServiceReqTemplate
    9. Set the relationship to ServiceReqTemplateAssociatedServiceReqCategory
    10. Choose ServiceReqTemplate for Grid and Form
    11. Check Show Count in Title
    12. Save the Layout