How to restrict the access to Alerts/Announcements/FAQs published depending on the Self Service Role

Version 1


    We want to publish articles that can be accessed from the Self Service, but restricting the access depending on the role guessing that we have more than one Self Service role.


    Please follow this procedure for the FAQ object, but it would be similar for the Announcements and Alerts:

    1.- Create a new pick list named "Self Service Roles by Name" as in the screenshot. This example shows two Self Service dummy roles, but you should use the roles where you want to restrict the access. This step must be done only once as the pick list can be shared for the three objects:

    2.- In the FAQ object, create a new field named "SelfServiceRole" as in the screenshot, using the pick list created in the previous step:

    3.- In the form FAQ, add that field to the form, so we can select which role can access that record

    4.- For all the roles that we added in the pick list's constraint, we must modify the Object Permissions for the FAQ object, where the SelfServiceRole must be the same RoleID of the current role:

    the result of the object permission role must be

    Update and save the changes.

    5.- Test the behaviour with a FAQ record

    Only that record should be available logged as "Self Service"