Heat 2014.3.1 Reporting Installation Issue getting Invalid Namespace error.

Version 1


    When running through the configuration / activation of the Reporting Services,  the follow error appears, preventing us to finalize the reporting configurations and Provisioning the reports. 




    1.  First install SQL Server Reporting Services using the default instance.  This can be verified by connecting to http://{ServerName}/Reports and http://{Server Name}/ReportServer.  It should be noted that this ‘default’ instance will never be used for reporting purposes – it’s only there to allow the HEAT System Configuration Wizard to execute.

     2.  Install a new instance of SQL Server Reporting Services with the name of the instance that will be used be HEAT Reporting Services.

     3.  Install HEAT Reporting Services.  After installation, this will execute the System Configuration Wizard, and allow the user to change the default reporting instance to the one to be used for reporting purposes.