What does the simple-mode push entail during Operations migration process for a Cloud tenant?

Version 1


    The following describes the change details performed during a simple-mode push completed by Operations



    Simple-Mode Settings

    The following settings are considered as “Simple-Mode” for the OPSConsole for customer configuration Migration:


    1.      Base META Migration as defined in the HEAT Operations Console User's Guide for the current release.

    2.      Should any of the listed managed items be removed from the source definition, the migration will synchronize the source and target.

    a.      Rules

    b.      Rule Override Definitions

    c.      Validation List Definition

    d.      Validation List Data

    e.      Forms

    f.       Layouts

    g.      Grids

    h.      Triggers  (Business Rules)

    3.      Target Tenant Searches, Dashboards and QuickActions will be considered as possible changes and will be ignored from package if newer.

    4.      Customer Defined Validation List data will be synchronized from the Sources to the Target.

    5.      User Related updates will be considered as part of the base Migration. These updates will natively include updates to:

    a.      Contact Group

    b.      Department

    c.      Email Address (Address.Email)

    d.      Organizational Unit

    e.      Standard User Team


    6.      By default, any records associated to User Related updates (#5) or Service Catalog / Service related (#8) or Escalation Schedules and Exceptions (#9) will be synchronized between the source and target tenants.

    7.      Administrator Settings as indicated in the list below will always be included as part of Simple-Mode migration. By Default, the Administrator settings will add, update, or remove any changes between source and target, as it relates to:

    a.      Allowed Attachments

    b.      Dynamic Styles

    c.      Password Policy

    d.      Watchlist Items

    e.      Email Configuration related to

    i.      Approval Status Keywords

    ii.     [Email Status Update Mappings] Settings

    iii.    [Ignore Message with Subject] Settings

    iv.    Object Mappings for Email

    v.     Task Assignment Status Keywords

    vi.    [Truncate Body] Settings

    vii.   Trusted Sender Domains

    8.      Service Catalog and Service related data (full copy) will be included as Optional Selections if requested.

    9.      Escalation Schedules and Exceptions (full copy) will be included as Optional Selections if requested.