How does HEAT determine the column order for validation windows?

Version 1


    Information on changing the column order for validation windows and grids.


    Validation windows are a grid view. The order the columns show up in a grid view is determined by the order of the fields in the grid view list. This is accessible in the Administrators module.

    1) Launch the Administrators Module.
    2) Create a new edit set or quick customize.
    3) Select the table in question in the Tables list.
    4) Click the Open Grid button.
    5) Select the field that will be moved to a new position in the field order by left clicking the field in the list titled Selected Fields.
    6) Click the Move Up or Move Down button to change the position of the field as needed.
    7) Go to File > Commit or Apply Quick Changes.
    8)  Click Ok.

    Note: If a Quick Customize was used, users must log out of their application and log back in to see the changes. If an Edit Set was used, all users had to be kicked off before committing, however any services such as HEAT Web Services will need to be restarted if the change will be viewed in the HEATWebUI or HSS on versions of HEAT 9.x and later.