BreachDateTime doesn't appear in Email notification

Version 1


    You have created an email notification in HEAT 201X to inform the customer of the Incident Details when a new Incident is created. 

    The email is sent from a Notification block in a Workflow. 
    In the email you reference the resolution BreachDateTime: 

    Estimated Resolution Date/Time


    When the email is sent from the Workflow, the BreachDateTime is missing. 




    The AppServer_RuleTrace logs show that the email is sent before the Resolution Escalation Watch record is created. 
    This means that the BreachDateTime field is not available at the time the email is sent. 

    The simplest solution in this case is to add a Wait block to the workflow before the notification is sent, so that the email creation is delayed by 1 minute to allow time for the Escalation records to be created and linked.