Search for English value (ie. "Sharepoint") produces different results in US English and German

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    [Steps to Duplicate]

    In English:
    1- Log into Application interface
    2 - Bring up Search (overall Search, NOT BO specific)
    3 - Type in Sharepoint as search value
    4 - Search will bring up record containing 'Sharepoint'

    > Now set Locale to German:
    1 - Bring up ''Suche' 
    2 - Type in 'Sharepoint'
    Search should bring up the same record(s), but in German the search will not find any records containing Sharepoint,although the record does exist.



    At this point, HEAT does not support searching in English and German fulltext at the same time.
    This can be addressed by changing the default full-text-index language for the DB Server, then rebuilding the full-text-index for the Business Object.
    Note: Changing the default full-test-index  language for the DB server will apply to the entire database server, not  just the individual database.

    DB server setting:

    To rebuild the full-text-index, disable & save then re-enable & save the full-text-indexed setting for an existing field on the business object you are searching. (ie. Incident, Knowledge...)

    Once the above has been performed successfully, the full-text-index properties for the business object table should look like the example below: