GoldMine Web (GMWEB) - Simple example for setting up GoldMine Web via HTTPS (IIS 8.0 and IIS 8.5)

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    Simple example for setting up GoldMine Web via HTTPS


    By default and requirement GoldMine Web needs to be installed by default, which means under the Default Web Site in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and the port set to port 80 during the installation (otherwise errors  during installation will be experienced which are also covered in the  related Knowledge Article # 18092 - see below as a link).
    After the  installation the port can be configured so that GoldMine Web uses a different port than port 80. (How to change the  port from default port 80 for GoldMine Mobile is covered in the related  Knowledge Article # 18091 - see link below)


    This  current article describes a possible way how to configure an existing  default and verified installation of GoldMine Web  to use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP protocol.


    - GoldMine Premium Edition 2015.1.0.172 / GoldMine Connect 2015.1.0.367
    - GoldMine Web is installed, configured and verified for proper functionality as a default installation
    - A self signed certificate will be created and used
    -  The Default Web Site will be configured for HTTPS, please refer also to Knowledge Article DOC-53934 when a new Web Site will is intended to be  created for GoldMine Web
    - In the below scenario the installation was performed on a Windows Server 2012 R2 with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5



    Please note that this process is currently supplied as-is without warranty.
    This process is performed at  your own risk and may require additional discussion,  additional or different steps in configuration in the current  environment.
    We strongly recommend to consult also an IIS specialist.


    GoldMine Technical Support cannot provide further assistance in configuring, troubleshooting the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) setup, configuration and maintenance other than covered in our  current available documentation.
    The current supported scope of the  feature is solely related to GoldMine Web default  installations which were not modified.


    Further information about How To Set Up  an HTTPS Service in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) which  were also used partly to create this article can be found at



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    1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
    2. Click on the IIS Server instance
    3.  Open the Feature Server Certificates in the Features View pane either  via right click > Open or via double click on the icon



    4. From the right Actions pane > Select Create Self-Signed Certificate



    5. Provide a friendly name and choose Personal



    6. After pressing OK the certificate appears in the list of Server Certificates
    7. Browse to Sites > Default Web Site
    8. Right Click > Edit Bindings... or select Bindings... from the right Actions pane
    9. Add Button
    10.  Select https in Type drop down and select the generated self signed  certificate from step 4. - 6. in the SSL certificate drop down



    11. OK > Close
    12. Restart IIS
    13. Open a supported browser / device and browse to the HTTPS location of GoldMine Web and verify functionality




    A SWF video is available for review or download at Creating_a_SelfSigned_Certificate_and_install_GMConnect_2018.2.swf