URL Example for opening Incidents and Service Requests in My Open Items in Self Service Portal

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    https://frontrange.trysaasit.com/help/user/index.html#configure/login/log_in_using_urls.htm?Highlight=logging in with URL

    Customer is using the following link in emails to link to incidents in an incident workspace:


    This works great for those working on incidents. However, customer needs something similar for clients that will bring up the incident in the Self Service portal under "My Items".




    To open a record within My Items using a URL link, please add the following to your notifications.

    For Incident:

    "$(SecureServerURL())/Login.aspx?Scope=SelfService&Role=SelfService&CommandId=OpenMyItem&ItemType=Incident&ItemId=$(RecId)">Open Incident in Self Service 

    For Service Req: 
    "$(SecureServerURL())/Login.aspx?Scope=SelfService&Role=SelfService&CommandId=OpenMyItem&ItemType=ServiceReq&ItemId=$(RecId)">Open Service Request in Self Service

    For more examples, please refer to the Online Help: