GoldMine Mobile (GMME) - When the first 100 records are not available for the GMME user, they cannot see their available contact records.

Version 1



    - When the first 100 records are  not available for the GMME user (due to ownership and curtaining) the  GMME user cannot see their available contact records at all, only when  searching for specific contacts.


    - Recommended to have a demo database with more than 250 records at least
    - Make sure that all existing Contact records are set to MASTER's ownership and complete curtaining

    - Create a new contact record with Contact ZZZ and company ZZZ, (This should make sure that this is the last contact in any possible list).


    1. In GMPE login as a Non-Master user
    2. Verify that you can see at the Contact tab right the information 1 of 1
    3. You may want to check in the Contact Search Center that the logged in user has only access to the record ZZZ.

    a. Go To > Search > Contact Search Center
    b. Contact (Primary) begins with %
    - There should be only 1 single result
    4. In GMME log in as a non-master user
    5. Tap Contacts
    6. All Contacts

    -  Immediately it shows No records match your search criteria, which is  actually not true. The reason here is that GMME has a 'predefined'  search of the first 100 records ordered by the Contact's last name ascending,  Contact name ascending.

    -  Only by searching , for example, the contact  ZZZ  the matching record appears.



    - This is RM # 229168

    - Non master users can use 'My Contacts' instead 

    - This will NOT retrieve PUBLIC contact records .
    - For this workaround and in general for accessing My Contacts the LASTNAME field MUST be available on all primary screens.
    - See related KM # 17575

    - Enter any search criteria and press the search button