GoldMine is slow for a user who connects GoldMine via VPN to a central networked Server

Version 1



    - The GoldMine program is installed locally on a remote users machine but connects to the GoldMine and SQL server(s) remotely via VPN.



    - Running GoldMine installed on a local machine but connecting remotely via VPN to the server is not a supported method of running GoldMine.
    - Poor performance is expected in such an install due to the heavy amount of network traffic that most connections cannot support to make the user experience acceptable.
    - Please have this user access GoldMine via a supported method such as:
    a. iGoldMine thin client.
    b. GoldMine Web (part of GoldMine Connect).
    c. Setup as undocked user that would synchronize with the main GoldMine install.
    d. RDP session (which can be done also over VPN). 

    NOTE: Accessing GoldMine over RDP is not fully supported however if a problem arises the GoldMine Support Desk will troubleshoot the issue as any other fully supported method, However there may come a point however where the user may need to test via a fully supported access method.