How to set a tab as default open tab for a Role.

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    How can I force a tab to be already open when logging in?
    Choosing Initially Visible lists the tab name across the top. 

    i.e.  the Incident and Service Request tabs for Analysts
    or   the My Items tab when opening the Self Service workspace 




    The tab that is initially open when you log in is dependent on the role and is set through the following process.  Unfortunately we have asked in the past to allow more than one tab to be defaulted open when logging in, but this can cause a lot of overhead on the server, so that request has not been considered beneficial.

    To change the default open tab for a role:
    1.  Login to the application as Admin role and go to Configure Application.
    2.  Select Users and Permissions>> Roles and Permissions.
    3.  Select the Role in question and click on the Top Level Tabs tab.
    4.  Whatever item is listed at the top of this Top Level Tabs list will be the default open tab when a user in this role logs in.
    5.  To change the top item, drab/drop a workspace to the top by click and hold on the icon  next to that tab Title and pull it to the top of the list.
    6.  Save the changes.