How to modify the Knowledge Type display field in Knowledge Center (Self Service)

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    Where can we define the ‘Type’ field displayed in the Self Service Knowledge Center? (circled in red below)
    On a newly created Knowledge Type extension object, this defaults to ‘Issue’ regardless of the name of the new object or any of its attributes. If you change the display name of a current Knowledge Type, this field still displays the old one. I couldn’t find anywhere where this could be configured, is it hard coded?




    This field is controlled by this Calculation Rule on the Knowledge extension object (for example, Knowledge#KBTest)
    It should be set in the same format as for the other Knowledge extensions:$("KBTest#" + Trim(KnowledgeNumber) + " :  " + Trim(Title))

    Please note that it will still hold the old value for existing records until they’re touched and saved, but should show up correctly for newly created records.
    Please also note that for new extension objects, the following Initialization rule must also exist:

    Initialization Rule for FRS_Knowledge#KBTest.KnowledgeNumber (Default)