HEAT Discovery allowing access to Tenant from both internal and external clients

Version 1



    When you have multiple sites and would like multiple gateways at these different sites. How do you configure the Gateways to send their data to a different URL than the default, i.e. the default base server address for this customer is


    They would like it to be the FQDN for their remote sites:


    Where can it be changed either prior to the gateway install or after it is installed to be a different address?




    This should be managed by DNS. Configure the system to use FQDN by setting the Client Request Base Address field on the Tenant record in the ConfigDB.

    Ensure that this is resolvable on both the remote sites and the local site.

    Please be aware that once you have changed this you will need to delete the cached installers and re-download them and install the Gateway again.

    Details on how to do this can be found in KB 26457.