How to enable the 'Recordings' folder for user access through 'DefaultAppPool' identity in the virtual directory in IIS

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    See KB 25049 to enable virtual directory for the 'Recordings' folder on the IPCM server. This is required for Management Portal > Interaction reports > Call Recording player to play call recordings.

    This article provides solution to allow access of IPCM users to the Recordings folder via the Management Portal > Interaction reports > Call Recording player. The alternative is to add 'Everyone' user/account on the Recordings folder > Properties > Security tab which may be a security risk.




    1. In IIS, create a virtual directory for 'Recordings' folder for call recordings, see KB 25049 on how to complete this action

    3. In IIS > Default Web Site > under Default Web Site select the 'Recordings' virtual directory site > Authentication > Edit > "Edit Anonymous Authentication Credentials" select 'Application Pool Identity'

    4. On the 'Recordings' folder > right click > properties > Security tab > add DefaultAppPool with Read & Execute, Read, Write permissions. See steps below to do this
    a. In Windows Explorer select the 'Recordings' directory.
    b. Right click the file and select Properties
    c. Select the Security tab
    d. Click the Edit button and then Add button
    e. Click the Locations button and make sure that you select your computer (IPCM server name).
    f. Enter "IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool" in the Enter the object names to select: text box.
    g. Click the Check Names button and click OK.
    h. The Read & Execute, Read, Write permissions should be enabled by default, if not then enable these permissions.

    5. This allows access by IPCM users (via Management Portal > Interactions report > Call Recording player) through IIS virtual directory.