Setting up SLAs and pulling reports for SLA

Version 1


    I was wondering if someone can walk me through setting up Heat for our standard SLA structure by Priority.


    To setup the thresholds based on Priority, those can be added/modified by:

    1.  Launch application as Admin account and go to Configure Application.

    2.  Expand the Build>> Automation Tools section and click on "Escalation Schedules".

    3.  Most likely you will see categories here for Incident for Response, Resolution Closing etc.  Will look something like this:

    4.  You may also have these categories for Service Requests and Assignments.

    5.  If you open for example the Incident - Response, it will show you something like below where you can define the Thresholds and Exceptions.

    Same thing for Resolution thresholds and closing thresholds.  Same also applies to Service Request but they may be based off the specific Service type.

    The actual SLA or Service Level Agreements themselves where you can name them and define their Compliance Target can be seen through the Service Level Agreements workspace from the Application side, not the Admin Configure Application side.