Issue with the Portuguese language import - translations are not holding.

Version 1


    Issue with the Portuguese language import. Translations not holding and the portal remains in English.
    But if we import the same Portuguese translation files to another language (EG Croatian), the translations hold.



    1.       The value in column A1 determines the culture to which the translations are to be imported.

    2.       In order to import the values to pt-PT culture, the value in column A1 in the Excel file should be “pt-PT”.

    3.       However, this value in the supplied files are not “pt-PT”.  They are "fr" and "de".

    4.       Due to this, instead of adding the data to the culture “pt-PT”, the data is being overwritten for the cultures “fr” and “de” when you import the data in these files.

    5.       Hence, the translations are not reflecting for the culture Portuguese (Portugal).

    6.       In order to resolve this, change the value of column A1 to “pt-PT”.