How to set-up a Survey

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    This Article goes over the process of creating a Survey, setting the Global Constant and other certain aspects of Surveys. This is a quick reference to survey set-up. 

    Other KB Articles are referenced in this Article that further describe other configurations of Surveys, such as setting frequencies and disabling notifications. 




       How to set-up a survey:

    First, we must create a survey:

     1.    Log in as Admin


             2.   Go to Configure Application

             3.    Under Communication Templates find and click "Surveys"

             4.    In the upper right hand corner, select Create a new survey


             5.    Here you will enter in the Title, add a logo, description and the informational messages.

             6.    Click Save

             7.   You will see that title under the link "Survey List"

             8.   Click on that title

             9.   Here you can edit or add or remove the questions you want in the survey

           10.  On the top right, there are several different option:

    a.      Survey List: go back to list of all your surveys

    b.     Copy Survey: Make a copy of current survey

    c.      Survey Properties: You can edit what you first put in in step # ...

    d.     Delete Survey: Delete the survey

    e.     Add Question: Add a new question to the survey

    f.       Preview: This displays what the end user will see after they click the link when they receive the survey notification

           11.  Now, go back to survey list.

           12.  Note the links "Started" and "Stop"  or "Stopped" and "Start"

    a.      These commands will put your Survey into Active state (Started) or Maintenance (Stopped).

           13.  You can also add "Question categories".  Please, see KB # 13986 for further instructions

    a.      There are several OOTB options, but by clicking on the link "Question categories" when in the Survey List space, you can add more if needed.

    Now, you have set up your survey and you want it to be used by end-users: 

            1.      Go to Global Constants ( Under Build section in the Admin UI)

            2.      Here you will see a list of all Global Constants.

            3.      Locate "DefaultSurveyName" and note the Value field. Here is where you will enter the name of your survey that you just created (that is the Title created in step #)

            4.      This is case sensitive and has exact of what the title is in the survey.

            5.      Save.

    Now that you have your survey created and the Global Constant has been set up to reflect your new survey we will then determine how the surveys are sent out:    

    You can find the Incident Survey notification in two places.

      1) Business rule - Triggered Action - Send Incident Survey

                      b. Send survey upon Incident being set to Closed.

      2) Workflow - Incident Survey

                      a. Configure frequencies

    You have to disable one, otherwise, the survey notification will be sent out twice, please review KB # 15035 to do that.

    In either notification, when clicking on the Source Edit icon in the top, right corner of the notification - you will see the following OOTB command that will "get" your survey. This does not need to be altered.

    <a href="$(GetSurveyURL())&amp;survey_name=$(GetSurveyName(&quot;DefaultSurveyName&quot;))&amp;customer_id=$(GetApplicationId())&amp;ot=Incident&amp;oid=$(RecId)&amp;page_index=0">Click here to fill out survey</a>

    To configure the frequency of the survey notifications, please see KB Article 13144 & 12795


    Note: Once a survey has received responses, you will not be able to edit that survey.

    Please, see the Help link below for more information.