How to create a link to display Local time for a Change Start Date and Change End Date

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    In the Change emails that go to users, you would like to present a clickable link that displays the Local time for the Change Start Date and Change End Date




    Some customers include the Change Start Date and Change End Date in emails that are sent to Change Coordinators.  They want for their users to be able to click on a link to see the Local time as their Change Coordinators are global.
    Here is the syntax you would need to include in your quick action(s):
    <td>Start Date:</td><td>$(ScheduledStartDate)<br>
    $("<A href=\"" + "" + FormatDate(DateAdd("minute", -CurrentBrowserTimezoneOffset(), ScheduledStartDate), "yyyymmddthhmm") + "\">" + "Click here to see the Start Date in local time" + "</a>") <br></td></tr>
    <tr><td>End Date:</td><td>$(ScheduledEndDate)<br> 
    $("<A href=\"" + "" + FormatDate(DateAdd("minute", -CurrentBrowserTimezoneOffset(), ScheduledEndDate), "yyyymmddthhmm") + "\">" + "Click here to see the End Date in local time" + "</a>") <br></td></tr>
    This will take the user to an external website and convert the Start Date and End Date to the current Local time of the user.