How to set up auto close for Change Requests[Uploaded File]

Version 1


    You wish to automatically close Implemented Changes that reach a time threshold.  Once a change is in the implemented status and has been there for over a certain amount of time you wants the status to change to Closed. 



    Launch Configure Application

    Select Automation Tools > Quick Actions > Change > Add:

    Create a new Update Object quick action that sets the Status to Closed


    Select Business Objects > Change > Fields:

    Add a Link field to the (ie. ClosingEscLink)  


    Select Business Objects > Change > Relationships:

    Add a relationship (ChangeAssocClosingEscWatch) to the FRS_data_escalation_watch business object (see screenshot below) 



    Select Fields again

    Modify the link field to use the relationship


    Select Automation Tools > Escalation Schedule > Add:

    Create a new Escalation and set properties as shown below.

    * All statuses should be set to Pause except Closed (Completed) and Implemented (Run)


    Select Escalation Schedule > Set Threshold:

    Set Thresholds as shown but set the days and Hours of Operation per your business case