How to set incoming email to Closed Incidents to attach to the Incident instead of creating a new incident

Version 1



    The requirement is to capture the Journal.Email in the existing Incident and then reply back to the customer that the current Incident is closed.



    There is logic coded into the Email Service that prevents it from updating a Closed record regardless of the 'Final State' condition, the workaround is as follows:

    Enable editing of the Incident object in the final state for the Admin role 
    Select Configure Application
    Select Roles and Permissions
    Select Admin
    Select Object Permissions
    Go to the page for Incident
    Click Edit under Lifecycle in the Incident row
    Check the Allow Editing box
    Save the Role 
    Then, create your notification quick action (on the Incident object) that tells the customer the Incident is Closed. 
    Finally, go to the Inbox workspace, and under Status Mapping at the bottom, create a new mapping for the Closed status that runs the Action you just created. This allows the incoming email to attach, the notification to be sent, and the Incident stays Closed.