How to relicense iGoldMine after iGoldMine has been rehosted, reinstalled, or moved to a different server

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    How to relicense iGoldMine/Go-Global after iGoldMine/Go-Global has been rehosted, reinstalled, or moved to a different server


    Steps to get the permanent license for your iGoldMine/Go-Global server:
    1. Go to the following link and input the correct information into all boxes with the appropriate information - especially important and not changeable afterwards without requesting a new license is the HOST information.


    Graphon changed their support pages/customer portal and customers are now required to register on the Graphon Support Portal - GraphOn Customer Portal

    Once the account is registered, activated, the user can login and either browse to License Management >> License Change Request or use the direct link License Change Request


    Please note it can take 2 business days for this request to be processed.


    The following screen may change at any time and the screenshot was taken on 2018/12/28


    Once the new license file has been received.


    2. When the new .LIC file is sent to you, please do the following:
    a. Log into the iGoldMine/Go-Global server
    b. Open Windows Services (Start>>Administrative Tools>>Services) and stop the iGoldMine/Go-Global Application Publishing Service and iGoldMine/Go-Global License Manager (service)
    c. Browse out to the following path on the iGoldMine server (in a default installation this is on 32-bit and also on 64-bit installations C:\Program Files\Frontrange\iGoldMine\Programs\ or C:\Program Files\GraphOn\GO-Global\Programs\ )
    d. Rename the current .LIC file to .LIC_OLD2
    e. Copy the .LIC file that was sent to you from GraphOn into this “Programs” folder
    f.  Now restart the services from step b. above
    g. Test