How to use a user's "full name" instead of the user's LoginID in the Autotask action, when a ticket is created, modified, or closed

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    When a ticket is created, modified or closed, the CallLog.Modby field is updated using the validation from the Tracker.LoginID field. In an Autotask action, such as "Send a Message", you do not wish to use the CallLog.ModBy field (Tracker.LoginID), you want to use the user's full name (Tracker.FullName)

    This article explains how to use the HEAT user's full name in an Autotask action. 

    Please note that to use a HEAT user's full name it will be required to use AutoTasks for both saving and closing a call record. The example shown is for a "Send a Message" action.



    1. Go to the Administrator Module > Users > Full  Name field, enter the HEAT user's full name.

    2. In Administrator Module > New Edit Set > CallLog table, create a new field called TrackerLoginID which validates from the Tracker.LoginID

    3. In the CallLog table create another field called TrackerFullName that Auto fills  Tracker.FullName (which depends on the CallLog.TrackerLoginID field/validation)

    4. Commit Edit Set

    5. In Call Logging create an Autotask called Save that uses the Update Call action that only updates the CallLog.TrackerLoginID by inserting the @UserID function (function that inserts current tracker's login ID). Ensure that you also have the "Save call when done" check box enabled.

    6. In Administrator Module > New Edit Set > CallLog form, add a button (labeled Save) to the form and connect the Save AutoTask to the button. Commit edit set.

    7. To Close a call, perform steps 5 and 6 again but this will be for a Close Autotask button. Additionally, in the Update Call action you will also check the Close Call checkbox in addition to the Save call when done checkbox. Then commit edit set.

    8. In both the Save and Close buttons, the CallLog.TrackerFullName will autofill with the tracker's full name, which can be used in the Send a Message autotasks where the user's/tracker's full name can be displayed in the email.