How to direct routed calls (through an IVR / application)  back to the queue when there is no answer from an agent.

Version 1


    This article describes how to return or route calls back to the queue when an agent does not answer a call within a specified amount of time.  Please note it is not possible to re-direct calls back to the queue based upon the number of rings.



    1. In the application / IVR, select the specific Connect Call block that will call the agent. This is located under a specific Route To Agent block.

    2. In the No Answer Timeout field in the Connect Call block, the default number of seconds is 30. You can change this value to another determined value of seconds, then Update and Commit.

    3. When the call rings for the specified amount of time and meets the threshold set in the No Answer Timeout field, it will direct the call to the No Answer conditional exit. 

    4. Select the No Answer conditional exit > Add a Goto block. After selecting the Goto, in the right pane > select the Route To Agent block immediately preceding the Connect Call block > Update and Commit.

    5. Perform a test call where the assigned agent does not answer the call within the time frame specified in the Connect Call > No Answer Timeout field. This should route the call back into the queue.