Error: 403 or  'Requested URL cannot be retrieved' when selecting Links in Notification emails.

Version 1


    When clicking on a link in an email notification, a '403' error or 'Requested URL cannot be retrieved' error is displayed. 


    The URLs in the notification emails likely start with:

    They need to start with:

    You can highlight the URLs or check in the browser URL line and see where they are pointing.

    The fix is to change the $(ServerURL()) part of the URL in the rule/QuickAction or workflow to be $(SecureServerURL())

    Using a Voter Approval email as an example, the image below shows what to update so these notifications work properly.

    1.  Find and Open the Quick Action (or rule or workflow) that is creating the email
    2.  In the example, this is the Quick Action 'Service Request Approval Notification' under FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking
    3.  Click 'Edit' 
    4.  Click the 'Source Edit' button (see the image below - circled in blue)
    5.  Find the URL (highlighted in the image)
    6.  Change $(ServerURL()) to $(SecureServerURL()) 
    7.  Save changes

    NOTE: To enhance security we are removing support for http:// in the newer Cloud data centers, so links using http:// will fail as these data centers do not automatically redirect http:// to https://

    Updating references from ServerURL() to SecureServerURL() at your earliest possible convenience will ensure the links will work in future.