Report that gives percentage of calls breached and unbreached by SLA

Version 2

    the attached report will show the amount of calls logged against each SLA in the system and the amount of calls that are breached for each SLA, that were logged either last week or last year.


    this report will only run on two conditions.


    1. you have a 100% escalation which has "is breach" set to true

    2. the escalation is called "resolve"


    the second condition can however be changed.


    in order to do this go to the record selection criteria and you will see the below.


    "{im_incident_esc_point.im_is_breach} = 1
    {im_incident_esc_point.im_title} = "Resolve"
        if {?Reporting Period} = 'Week' then {pm_process.pm_creation_date} in Last7Days else {pm_process.pm_creation_date} in Last4WeeksToSun"



    simply change the value for Resolve to the name of your escalation.