gmbase.bin file is corrupted! GoldMine can not continue the initialization process when starting GoldMine

Version 2


    An error message appears sporadically when starting GoldMine:


    GMBASE.BIN file is corrupted! GoldMine can not continue the initialization process.


    When clicking OK button GoldMine appears to start normally.


    The GMBASE.BIN file might only temporarily appear as corrupt or the local GoldMine installation needs to be repaired and the application files be replaced 



    1. Try to restart the machine as sometimes the GMBASE.BIN may only appear as corrupt and may work the next time after a restart correctly.


    If also after a restart of the machine the same behavior appears then
    1. Create a temp folder on the Server/Workstation desktop called GMOLD
    2. Navigate to the GoldMine application directory on the Server/Workstation - Typically C:\Program Files\GoldMine or C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine).
    3. Sort directory contents by file type
    4. Cut and paste all DLL, EXE and XML files, the COMMANDBARS.ocx and the GMBASE.BIN to the temporary folder.
    5.  Open the Windows Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features
    7. Select Change for the GoldMine entry
    8. When the installer launches select the Repair option
    9. Once the repair is done, reboot Server/Workstation, log back in and verify GoldMine works correctly
    10.  Once the proper functionality is verified in GoldMine, delete the temp folder GMOLD from the desktop and empty the Recycle bin.