How to import records from a .csv spreadsheet into GoldMine to update existing contact records in the database

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    How to import records from a .csv spreadsheet into GoldMine to update existing contact records in the database

    e.g. This process can be utilized for contact records where an empty or populated field may need to be populated or updated.




    NOTE: It is highly recommended that a SQL backup is made of your GoldMine database before proceeding.  You are making broad changes to the database that can not be undone without a backup.
    For this process, an Excel spreadsheet will need to be converted and saved as a .csv file with the file name, not more than 9 characters long.
    Please refer to the GoldMine Administrator Guide or Online help > Administration Guide > Data Maintenance and Management > Importing and Exporting Data for more information regarding importing and exporting data.
    1 - Click File >> Import and Export >> Import Contact records
    2 - On first screen of GoldMine Import Wizard select Import a new file and CSV file, Next>
    3 - Browse to .csv file (if you do not see the file where you think it is, make sure to select Files of type "All Files (*.*)" in the open file dialogue), Open>> Next
    4 - Click Options button and verify the delimiter settings, the Preview with browsing between the records must be correct, sometimes it is even necessary to clear data from Field Delimiter text box, OK Next>
    5 -  Map fields as desired, also switch between "Show Mappings" and "Preview Results"
    6 - "Click Profile Options button" and check the options to "Ignore the first record in import file" when you would not like to import the 1 record with the column headers - sometimes this is useful to verify even afterwards the original mapping
    7 - Select the "Match-Field" that will be used to match the imported contact records to existing contacts in GoldMine that are to be updated
    Note: Match Fields are limited to Contact, Company, Accountno,  Last Name, Phone1, Zip, City, Key1, Key2, Key3. Key4, and Key5 - OK > Next
    8 -  Select the radio button that says "Preview Results"
    9 - Scroll through several records using the top "Next" option, when you are satisfied, click the bottom > Next
    10 - Select "Overwrite the existing GoldMine record" and Import matching records only"
    - Selecting "Import empty fields" will update a populated field in GoldMine with a blank entry if the spreadsheet value is empty
    - Next
    9 -  Select yes or no and give the profile a name or not > Next
    10 -  Finish
    Key points to remember in data preparation are:
    1 - Column headers should be less than or equal to 9 characters.
    2 - There should not be any commas in the source data (You are doing a CSV [Comma Separated Value] file so if GM encounters a comma in the data for example in the ACCOUNTNO, in Addresses etc.the next data after this is shifted to the next field.
    3 - When having special characters in the source data make it might be necessary to check the "Convert OEM to ANSI" box on the screen shot of step 4. Also in such a case, the Preview Results is necessary as this shows how data is imported.
    4 - The file name should be saved as xxxx.csv where xxx represents the file name and it should be 9 characters or less.
    5 - Columns of data that are not being imported should be eliminated from the source data in order not to cause confusion or any issues due to delimter values within the data of these columns.