How to constrain or filter a link field to records linked to the object or a related object

Version 1


    When a customer is selected for an Incident (ProfileLink), the CIs linked to that customer (on their Employee record) should then constrain the CIs from which to choose, when the CI link is selected in the Incident.



    The proper format for the Link Filter expression in the Incident Layout is:
    $(((other)Owner == LoginId)) 

    It can also be written as $([OtherObject]Owner== LoginId), but upon save it converts to the previous format. 

    1.  Go to Configure Application as an Administrator account.
    2.  Select Business Objects>> Incident>> Layouts and select your proper Layout to be changed.
    3.  Under the Views in this Layout section, select the formView option.
    4.  Under section Child Panels, find the CI Display Name and scroll to the right and select the Link Button Filter.
    5.  In the Expression Editor, enter the following and Save:

    $([OtherObject]Owner == LoginId)

    6.  Log back into the application as a user of that Layout and go to the CI tab and test the link field constraint.