How to force the Risk Level Calculation to be entered before a user can save a Change?

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    On the Change Business Object there is a Risk Level tab that is used to calculate the Risk Level of the Change.  The user has to go to this tab and click on the tool-bar button "Save Risk Level" in order for the Risk Level to be calculated.  This can be easily overlooked when submitting a Change.

    This Knowledge Article shows a way to make the sure that the Risk Level tab has been entered and that the Risk Level has been calculated before allowing the Change to be saved when it has the Status "Requested".



    Create a Required Business Rule on the Change Business that makes the Risk Level field required when the the Status is equal to "Requested".

    For example the following Required Business Rule:

    will cause the following error message to be displayed if the user tries to save a Change to Requested Status without having completed the Risk Level tab: