Error raised searching: "Search error: One or more errors occurred"

Version 1


    This error is usually related with an issue  with the Full Text Search Catalog, maybe because is corrupted, maybe  because some field is missing.


    Depending on the size of the database, this procedure can take some minutes or some hours, and during the rebuilding the searches in the application will not work correctly.

    In the SQL Server, open the database, then Storage, Full Text Catalogs, select "ftCatalog" and Rebuild it.

    If this solution does not work it could be necessary reviewing the FullTextCatalog configuration for the tables affected checking field by field, comparing that the fields configured in HEAT as Full Text Indexed are present in the FullTextCatalog. If any field is missing, uncheck the Full Text Indexed option in HEAT, save it, check it back and save, so this will add the field to the FullTextCatalog and will rebuild it.