Field entries are populated with a trailing slash (/) when entering information from an F2 lookup list

Version 1



    When typing the 1st character into a field and the lookup drop down from F2 lookup shows as last character the / from a comment => the field will take over the / (slash) as field value

    The following is only a scenario how to replicate the behavior, it would be also replicable when the field length would be 5 characters the lookup value 4 characters and the first / as 5th character

    1. Log in with master rights
    2. Right Click on the primary view > New Field
    3. Button New Field
    a. Field Name = UDEF3
    b. Description = UDEF3
    c. Character Len = 3
    d. OK
    4. Place the field anywhere on the primary view and double click on it
    5. OK (as no changes or adjustments are necessary)
    6. Rebuild and re-login
    7. Open the F2 Lookup window on the new field UDEF3
    8. New Button > Enter C0//Client Test > OK
    9.  New Button > Enter C1//Client Project > OK
    10. New Button > Enter P0//Prospect Test > OK
    11. New Button > Enter P1//Prospect Project > OK
    12. Cancel (so the field is still blank)

    1. Enter C into the field, this opens the Lookup drop-down for the specific Lookup values starting with C

    2. Select the lookup value C0/ from The lookup drop down

    3. Verify the field value

    Although ONLY the C0 should appear as field the value (the rest is comment and should be ignored) the field value shows now as C0/



    - This is RM # 230166

    - The underlying reason for this behavior is actually RM 230098 - F2 Lookup values are cut off upon the underlying field length when using the drop-down instead of the full F2 Lookup window, as due to the cutting off GoldMine does not recognize anymore that the / is part of a comment // indicator



    1. Delete the wrong / (slash)


    1. Open instead the full F2 Lookup window (via the right arrow or F2 Key)
    2. Start typing the first desired character on the F2 Lookup Window and  the first matching row will be highlighted within the list
    3. Enter the second desired character on the F2 Lookup Window and   if applicable the highlighted row will change to the first matching  record within the list.- If there is no matching record the current row  remains highlighted

    - As example for the above Lookup list

    1. Open instead the full F2 Lookup window  e.g. via the right arrow or F2
    2.  enter p , the row P0//Prospect Test will be highlighted

    3. enter 1 , the row P1//Prospect Project will be highlighted

    - On typos or in order to get back the Back key needs to be pressed as many times as characters that where already pressed