How to avoid that the task's status changes to "On Hold" when the Service Requests status is changed to "Waiting for Customer"

Version 1


    This is caused as there is a field associated with the ServiceReq (and Incident) business object called 'TaskJScriptHolder'.  This field bases the actions off of the Lifecycle table.  When the incident status is set to Resolved, there is a jscript that is called which places the outstanding Tasks on Hold.  NOTE: The "On Hold" status in the task will stop the clock of the escalation schedules, so modifying this configuration will affect the SLAs, so we recommend to maintain the original configuration.


    Here are the steps to take to modify this behavior:
    1. Log into the FRS Application Administrator
    2. Create a new definition set
    3. Expand the incident business object
    4. Edit the field 'TaskJScriptHolder'
    5. Click on the LifeCycle tab
    6. Click the status drop down and select 'Waiting For Customer'

    7. You will see a jscript associated with that status.  You can remove that jscript to prevent the outstanding task records associated with incident from being set to the status of Hold. Just select "No value", apply the modification and commit the changes.